Start of round three of the FRANCIS innovation challenge

The challenge brought together around 110 participants from all over the world. At the end of the first round, FRANCIS received 27 idea proposals. 16 teams were invited to proceed to the second round.

In the second round, the remaining teams get dedicated individual support for the development of a concept based on their idea. They will receive a financial grant for their continued engagement in the challenge after they have submitted the concept at the end of the second round.

At the end of the second round, FRANCIS received 16 idea proposals. 6 teams were invited to proceed to the third round. In the third round, the remaining teams receive targeted and individual support in developing their prototype based on their concept.

In addition to a comprehensive prototyping set for creating the first models of their product, participants receive a further financial grant for their ongoing commitment.


Start der dritten Runde des FRANCIS-Ideenwettbewerbs

An der ersten Runde des Ideen-Wettbewerbs haben rund 110 Personen aus der ganzen Welt teilgenommen. Am Ende der ersten Runde hat FRANCIS 27 Ideen für neue Lösungen erhalten. 16 Teams wurden zur zweiten Runde des Wettbewerbs eingeladen.

In der zweiten Runde bekommen die Teams gezielte, individuelle Unterstützung für die Entwicklung eines Konzepts auf Basis ihrer Ideen. Sie erhalten einen finanziellen Zuschuss für ihr weiteres Engagement im Wettbewerb, wenn sie am Ende der zweiten Runde ein Konzept einreichen.

Am Ende der zweiten Runde erhielt FRANCIS 16 Ideenvorschläge. 6 Teams wurden eingeladen, in die dritte Runde einzuziehen. In der dritten Runde erhalten die verbleibenden Teams gezielte und individuelle Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung ihres Prototyps auf der Grundlage ihres Konzepts.

Neben einer umfangreichen Prototyping-Box zur Erstellung erster Modelle ihres Produkts erhalten die Teilnehmer einen weiteren finanziellen Zuschuss für ihr anhaltendes Engagement.


Francis inovasyon yarışması üçüncü aşama başlangıcı

Yarışma tüm dünyadan 110 katılımcıyı bir araya getirdi. Birinci aşamanın sonunda 27 fikir önerisi aldık. 16 takım ikinci aşamaya devam etmek üzere davet edildi.

İkinci aşamada, devam eden takımlar fikirlerine dayalı bir konsept geliştirilmesi için özel bireysel destek alacaklardır. İkinci aşamanın sonunda konsepti gönderdikten sonra, yarışmaya devam etmeleri için bir mali hibe alacaklardır.

İkinci aşama sonunda FRANCIS’e 16 fikir önerisi ulaştı. Üçüncü aşamaya 6 takım davet edildi. Üçüncü aşamada, devam eden takımlar, konseptlerine yönelik prototiplerini geliştirmede hedef odalı ve bireysel destek alırlar.

Ürünlerin ilk modellerini oluşturmak için kapsamlı bir prototipleme setine ek olarak, katılımcılar, devam eden taahhütleri için ek bir mali hibe de alır.


About the FRANCIS first innovation challenge

The FRANCIS project partners are thrilled to announce the first-ever FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. This challenge is for everyone who needs simple, sustainable, and affordable solutions at home. Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare food, cook, preserve leftovers, clean dishes, or wash clothes, this challenge is for you. Our team of mentors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll provide support to help you bring your best ideas to life. If we love your idea, you can sell it to an industry coach, take the next steps together, or even start your own business. The choice is yours!

This challenge is specifically designed to attract participants from India, Germany, and Turkey, but it’s open to everyone who is at least 18 years old and speaks English, German, or Turkish. 

We’re so excited to see what innovative ideas come out of the FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. Learn more about the challenge by browsing on this website and also on the challenge website on Agorize!