On August 17th, 2023, the virtual stage was set for the final event of the 1st Challenge under the Horizon 2020 funded EU project FRANCIS that focused on kitchen and household solutions. From an initial pool of 110 participants from around the globe, the challenge narrowed down to six exceptional teams, each ready to present their groundbreaking ideas.

The Finalists:

  • Despunte
  • Eas-y
  • Holle
  • Progress Robotics
  • Smartness at Kitchen
  • Think Smart

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction from the FRANCIS consortium, that set the tone for the day, emphasising the importance of innovation and collaboration.

Following the introduction, each team took center stage, showcasing their individual video presentations. These presentations were not just a testament to their hard work and dedication but also a reflection of their vision for the future. After each presentation, a short Q&A session allowed for deeper dives into the concepts and provided clarity on details of the projects.

After the individual presentations, all finalists came together for an overview on facts and figures of the challenge, highlighting topics that were covered and changes in countries, groups and genders that were involved. . This was followed by a discussion amongst the teams on their challenge insights. While the finalists were exchanging experiences, the jurydeliberated on the presented ideas, weighing their feasibility, innovation, and potential impact.

The anticipation in the virtual room was palpable as the announcement of the winners approached. And then, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. The top three teams were unveiled:

  • Despunte – Winner 1

  • Holle – Winner 2

  • Smartness at Kitchen – Winner 3

While these three teams stood out and were recognized for their exceptional ideas, it’s essential to note that this event was not the end of the road for any of the six finalists. Each team will receive continued support in various forms – from business model assistance to intellectual property guidance, and scaling contacts. This invaluable help will be provided by the Challenge Owner and Industry Coach BSH Türkiye, along with other members of the FRANCIS consortium that includes Fraunhofer, The Behavioural Insights Team, VTT Finland, Agorize, and InnoFrugal.

In conclusion, the FRANCIS Challenge 1 final event was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the relentless spirit of all participants. The journey ahead promises even more growth and success for these teams, and we can’t wait to see where they go next.


About the FRANCIS first innovation challenge

The FRANCIS project partners are thrilled to announce the first-ever FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. This challenge is for everyone who needs simple, sustainable, and affordable solutions at home. Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare food, cook, preserve leftovers, clean dishes, or wash clothes, this challenge is for you. Our team of mentors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll provide support to help you bring your best ideas to life. If we love your idea, you can sell it to an industry coach, take the next steps together, or even start your own business. The choice is yours!

This challenge is specifically designed to attract participants from India, Germany, and Turkey, but it’s open to everyone who is at least 18 years old and speaks English, German, or Turkish. 

We’re so excited to see what innovative ideas come out of the FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. Learn more about the challenge by browsing on this website and also on the challenge website on Agorize!