The First FRANCIS Challenge, held on 17 August 2023, was not just a platform for groundbreaking ideas but also a testament to global participation and diverse representation. From space-saving furniture designs to energy-efficient appliances, the challenge brought forward innovative solutions. Let’s dive into the standout projects and the statistics that shaped this challenge.

The Agorize platform has the summary of the final phase of this challenge. You can access that by clicking here.

The pdf copy of the slide deck is available on the Materials page on the FRANCIS website. You can access it by clicking here.

Innovation Highlights:

  1. Modular Furniture for Compact Living – Team Despunte: Catering to the increasing demand for space-efficient living, Team Despunte’s modular furniture sets, complemented by a planning app, promise to redefine compact living.
  1. Simplifying Bed Making – Team Holle: Team Holle’s device, adaptable for those with restricted physical abilities, ensures that bed-making is no longer a tedious task.
  1. Smart Waste Management – Team Smartness at Kitchen: With an emphasis on efficient recycling, Team Smartness at Kitchen’s smart waste module, equipped with a label reader and camera, is set to revolutionize waste management.
  1. Efficient Cooking for Large Families – Team Think Smart: Team Think Smart’s pot stacking concept ensures simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes, saving both time and energy.
  1. Eco-friendly Heating with Wood Stoves – Team EAS-Y: Harnessing excess heat from wood stoves, Team EAS-Y’s concept reduces indoor pollution and ensures energy-efficient heating.
  1. The Refrigerator of the Future – Team Progress Robotics: Team Progress Robotics introduced an energy-saving refrigerator that utilizes cool outside air, especially beneficial for colder regions.

Statistics from the Challenge: 

Participation Rounds:

  • Round One:
    • Teams/Ideas: 56
    • Participants: 111
    • Countries Involved: 12
  • Round Two:
    • Teams/Ideas: 16
    • Participants: 32
    • Countries Involved: 6
  • Round Three:
    • Teams/Ideas: 6
    • Participants: 9
    • Countries Involved: 3

Diverse Participation:

  • By Gender: The challenge saw a majority of male participants, followed closely by females. A few participants preferred not to state their gender.
  • By Groups: The “Green minimalists” led the participation, followed by “Independent senior citizens” and “Troubled families”.


The First FRANCIS Challenge was a blend of innovation, global participation, and diverse representation. As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to the next



About the FRANCIS first innovation challenge

The FRANCIS project partners are thrilled to announce the first-ever FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. This challenge is for everyone who needs simple, sustainable, and affordable solutions at home. Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare food, cook, preserve leftovers, clean dishes, or wash clothes, this challenge is for you. Our team of mentors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll provide support to help you bring your best ideas to life. If we love your idea, you can sell it to an industry coach, take the next steps together, or even start your own business. The choice is yours!

This challenge is specifically designed to attract participants from India, Germany, and Turkey, but it’s open to everyone who is at least 18 years old and speaks English, German, or Turkish.

We’re so excited to see what innovative ideas come out of the FRANCIS Frugal Innovation challenge. Learn more about the challenge by browsing on this website and also on the challenge website on Agorize!